How to Authenticate the Connection User For New Channels in BuyerBridge [Omnichannel Authentication]

Omnichannel advertising is now LIVE in the BuyerBridge dashboard! Your agency will now be able to onboard dealers to not only Facebook & Instagram, but also Snapchat, Pinterest, and TikTok! 

When it’s time to set up the new channel(s) you will be enrolling your client in, the first step that you have to take is setting up and authenticating a new Connection User for these channels - AKA Omnichannel Authentication.

In this article we will cover:

  1. What is Omnichannel Authentication?
  2. How to create a Connection User
  3. How to troubleshoot your Connection User

What is Omnichannel Authentication?

When your agency goes through onboarding a new channel for a dealer-client (for the FIRST TIME only!) they will be required to “Authenticate And Setup” a Connection User. 

Setting up a new Connection User is necessary in order to deploy playbooks, retrieve metrics, and complete other tasks for dealers. 

The user will need to be assigned to the Ad Accounts on each platform so performance data can be retrieved and BuyerBridge can interact with the platforms on behalf of the account.

IMPORTANT: The Connection User only needs to be set up for each channel ONCE. Users must use the login credentials that they use for each specific platform.

👀 ❓For example: If your agency is onboarding “Dealer 1,” and it's the first time onboarding  the dealer to Snapchat - you will set up the Connection User for Snapchat during “Dealer 1” Onboarding, and you will no longer see the authentication step when you go to onboard “Dealer 2” to Snapchat.

How to create a Connection User

On the product selection screen during Onboarding, you will see the "Authenticate and Setup" button for each channel that does not have a Connection User and requires one to be set up for the channel being onboarded.

NOTE: If an agency user clicks on a channel that they are not enrolled in via the navigation menu, then the “Channel Selection” step of onboarding for that Dealer will display in order to begin the process of collecting the agency’s Connection User.

You will need to click “Authenticate and Setup” > “Authenticate with [specific channel name]” (for example, Authenticate with TikTok). 

Next, you will be prompted to select/deselect anything you do or do not wish the Connection User to have access to. After you have confirmed everything is accurate > click Confirm.

If the Authentication process is successful, you will see an alert that says “Authentication Success”

Once you have successfully set up your Connection User you will be able to continue with the Channel Setup/Onboarding process.

Your agency can always manage/change the token user for each channel from the left-hand navigation menu, Reseller > Settings > Update [Channel Name] Connection User


How to troubleshoot your Connection User

  1. Log into the BuyerBridge dashboard and locate Organization > Settings:
  2. From the Channels Connection section of the screen, find Pinterest and click the "Re-Connect" button. Untitled design (18) copy 3
  3. Click Continue Changing Pinterest Connection User > Authenticate with Pinterest Untitled design (18) copy
  4. You will be redirected to the Pinterest login screen, where you may need to log into Pinterest with your existing username and password (ensure that you are logging in with the correct user for your organization that has access to all the accounts!
  5. Click on the red Give Access button

If the Authentication process is successful, you will see an alert that says “Authentication Success”

As you navigate through the process of Omnichannel Authentication for you or your client's new channel onboarding and still have questions, please reach out to your partner experience manager OR contact BuyerBridge Support via email: