Omnichannel Sales Deck [Editable Agency Sales Assets]

What’s Inside Of The “Omnichannel Sales Deck” Slide Deck?

Our newest sales slide deck includes 23 slides that discuss:

  • Why Omnichannel?
  • Capturing Critical Events (EventFlow)
  • 4 Social Channel overviews for Facebook/Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest. Overviews include:
    • Latest usage statistics / metrics (i.e,. monthly US users)
    • Ad examples and how ad units work
    • Average metrics and results
  • Standards of Excellence and Market Opportunity table
  • Platform Data Capabilities table

Start Editing Now! 

1.   Click here to access the editable version of our “Omnichannel Sales Deck” slide deck in Google Slides.

You must have a Google / Gmail account in order to access Google Slides. If you don't have an account, it is free to sign up.

2.  Make a copy of the presentation by clicking File > Make a Copy Entire Presentation.

3.  Start editing! You can customize the color, size, style, and any elements of the slide deck you choose!

To add your logo:

  • Click on the Placeholder image on Slide 1 or Slide 23
  • Delete the image by clicking Delete or Backspace on your computer keyboard, or by right clicking and pressing "Delete"
  • Drag your logo from a file on your computer, or go to Insert > Image > Upload from computer.

  • Center your logo by dragging it to the correct place on the screen with your cursor.

To customize the background color for all slides:

  • In the top of Google Slides navigation menu, go to  Slide > Edit theme.

  • On the Edit Theme page, select one of the slides with a blue background.

  • Next, select "Background" from the formatting navigation bar.

  • Click the colored circle on the "Color" section of the Background modal, then choose your desired color.
  • To add a custom color, click the (+) icon under the Custom section.

  • Click Done.
  • Next, repeat the steps for any other slides with a background color you wish to change.
  • When you are finished, hit the "X" in the Edit Theme window, and your slide deck should now have your new background color!

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