Pinterest Inventory Ads

As we’ve previously mentioned, BuyerBridge is no longer exclusive to advertising on Facebook & Instagram - Pinterest Inventory Ads (along with additional channels for advertising) have arrived!

Click here to check out all of the advertising channels that will soon be available to all partners in BuyerBridge. 

Pinterest Inventory Ads: The Benefits

Reach Pinterest’s highly engaged auto-shopper audiences through our precise targeting which provides agencies with the ability to show off their dealer clients' new inventory.

Drive high conversion and clickthrough rates by leveraging inventory images for Pins. Pinterest inventory Ads will:

  • Boost ROI 
    • Drive 2.3x more efficient cost per conversion than ads on other social media platforms and maximize your dealer clients return on their advertising investment
  • Inspire Prospects
    • Generate content that inspires auto shoppers to make their next purchase

Get more details + fun facts on Pinterest Inventory Ads here!

Pinterest Advertising In The BuyerBridge Platform

Onboarding Dealers To Pinterest

Pinterest has been added to Onboarding!

  • Agencies are able to start onboarding their dealer clients to Pinterest directly through the dashboard once it is available.
  • There is a Pinterest-specific step in onboarding for agencies to fill out and complete.
    • From there, our Ops team will be able to begin working on setting up all the Pinterest assets required to start running Ads for dealer clients.

Quickly Deploy Pinterest Ad Campaigns

Go to market with ready-to-deploy, fully developed Pinterest ad campaigns that differentiate your dealer client's brand by turning their new inventory into “Pins” that reach highly qualified prospects and retarget in-market shoppers...all in just one click.

  • Dealer-specific campaign strategy
  • Engaging ad creative
  • Captivating ad copy
  • Precise audience targeting

Pinterest Dashboard

We have designed a Pinterest Dashboard which is located under the Pinterest dropdown section located in the navigation menu of our platform. 

Keep in mind that you’ll only ever see this dropdown for your clients who are running ads on Pinterest through BuyerBridge!

👉 Don't worry our old dashboard has not gone away it has just gone global! It will include all channels that are active with BuyerBridge where you can compare metrics.

Click here to learn more about the Global Dealer Dashboard.

The Pinterest Dashboard includes the following components:

Pinterest-Metric Funnel + Graph 

Visual representation of your dealer client's Pinterest advertising efforts and outcomes, from Impressions and Shoppers to Leads and Cost Per Lead (similar to what was in place for Facebook & Snapchat).

Pinterest Advertising Overview

Displays key metrics such as Click Rate and a metric comparison component so you can compare metrics and identify how the channel is performing at a quick glance. 

PDF Report Builder

Agencies will have the ability to quickly build reports/report templates using the Pinterest data we capture. 

You are now able to use the PDF Report builder for Pinterest the same way you are able to with Facebook data, now.

Click here for more details on our PDF Report Builder for Facebook and see how you'll be able to use it for Pinterest.

Pinterest Channel Settings 

Our team created a Pinterest Channel Settings panel within the dashboard for your dealer-clients who are running Pinterest Inventory Ads (when they are launched in BuyerBridge).

The Pinterest Channel Settings shows their Pinterest Ad Account, Pixel ID, and Catalog once they have been created; as well as link them out to the Pinterest platform.

Stay Tuned!

We know this is all exciting, and as much as you might be ready for Pinterest, the BuyerBridge team is working hard to make sure that Pinterest Ads in BuyerBridge are ready for you and your dealer clients

Stay tuned for more information on when to expect Pinterest Inventory Ads to be available for your dealer clients, and additional Pinterest features within BuyerBridge to look forward to!