Important Notice: Removal of Facebook Marketplace Posting Tool

Last Updated: 8/10/2022

Due to Facebook’s continued deprecation of Facebook Marketplace Posting on behalf of Dealership Pages, we will be removing the Facebook Marketplace Posting Tool from BuyerBridge on 10/1/22.

Beginning on 9/1/2022, we will no longer accept new dealer onboardings for the Facebook Marketplace Posting Tool.

On 10/1/2022, we will remove the Facebook Marketplace product from any associated account in BuyerBridge, which will also remove the charges for those products within your organization’s bill.

Your Partner Experience Manager will be in contact with you if you have active Marketplace accounts as the deadline approaches.

To clarify, we won’t be removing any Marketplace listings from your account; only the ability to use our tool.

Why is BuyerBridge removing Facebook Marketplace tools and products?

Although Facebook (Meta) allows users to still post on behalf of individual profiles, Facebook has indicated they will be deprecating the ability to post vehicles on behalf of a Page

We have also received feedback from BuyerBridge Partners that the listings submitted to Facebook Marketplace may not be indexed or shown via search by Facebook.

Unfortunately, Facebook posting ability and errors, as well as the indexing / search algorithm, are out of BuyerBridge’s control.

Since the announcement of the removal of automated Marketplace listings in September 2021, BuyerBridge has worked to support Facebook Marketplace for the automotive community.

However, at this point, we must remove this product and reallocate our resources fully to our suite of social advertising products.

We will continue to support the paid advertising products on Facebook and plan to bring a new set of features by end of the year that will revolutionize the way businesses advertise across social media.

Recommended next steps for you & your clients:

  • Notify your clients.
    We recommend alerting your organization’s active Marketplace customers as soon as possible ahead of BuyerBridge’s 10/1/2022 removal date. Please feel free to use the messaging above as a template that you can reword to apply to your own business and customers.

  • Suggest alternatives for your clients.
    There are still many ways that your clients can continue to maximize their vehicle inventory on Facebook through your partnership with BuyerBridge.

    1) Your clients are still able to place pre-owned vehicle inventory in front of vehicle shoppers on Facebook using paid social ads,

    2) Assure your clients that the “Marketplace” Placement option is turned on with any of their paid ad campaigns, which will place their brand in line with Marketplace searches, and

  • Deactivate any Marketplace products for your client accounts by 10/1.
    Once you have communicated with your clients, you can begin deactivating their Marketplace products within BuyerBridge at any time to get ahead of the 10/01/2022 removal deadline. Learn how to deactivate BuyerBridge products on a client account here.

We thank you for your continued partnership. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.