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How to Generate (Reseller-Level) Advertising Reports For Active Channels

Previously, Reseller users in BuyerBridge could only access the Reseller Advertising Report for Facebook & Instagram.

But now, we've expanded the feature so that you will be able to generate Advertising Reports for ANY active channels in BuyerBridge.

Using the BuyerBridge navigation menu, under Reseller, locate REPORTS.

From the channel drop-down, click [Channel name] Advertising (ex. Snapchat Advertising). 

Next, specify the date range that you want to generate the report for > click Load Report

The report generated will display metrics for all of your businesses clients who are actively advertising on the specific channel (example image below).

(Pro Tip: Search and filter the report by a specific client to see their individual advertising metrics!)

The new Reseller Advertising Reports will provide your business visibility into advertising metrics for each individual platform. For example, the Snapchat Reseller Advertising Report will display CPM, Swipe Ups, Swipe Rate, Conversion Rates, and more. 

At any time, users can click “Export CSV” to export these reports as a .CSV file.

If you have any complications or questions regarding these new reports, please reach out to your Partner Experience Manager or email support@buyerbridge.com.