Sales Matchbacks / Offline Conversions - Metrics Defined

How are sold leads attributed to Facebook Ads?

Facebook Offline Conversion Events (aka sales matchback) give the ability to find out how much your Facebook ads lead to offline outcomes, such as purchases in your stores, and use this information to measure the return on your ad spend and reach more people.

The matchback information is determined by the sold report provided by the dealership and must include the event time which is used by Facebook to determine the last ad viewed or clicked prior by the user prior to the event. 

The businesses sold report is uploaded to Facebook using their Offline Conversion Tool. Facebook will match that information to an actual user profile. 

NOTE: Facebook hashes the data from your upload and Facebook is unable to read or save this for later use. Facebook cannot provide the actual user data.

Based on the provided business data, offline event data, and pixel information, Facebook is able to see if that user Viewed or Clicked one of the ads that ran in the timeframe which also matched to purchasing a vehicle from the sold report. 

The more information provided, i.e. First and Last Name, Phone Number, Email, Sold Date, DOB, etc the more precise the match will because this data is matched to the information provided by the user in their Facebook profile.

This includes the ability to tell an advertiser exactly who viewed or click an ad.

This report is powerful as it allow you to create a full loop between online to offline, offline to online. This tool helps businesses and advertisers see how many users were influenced by the ads prior to the consumer taking action such as submitting a lead or buying a product. 

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Side Note

As with all mediums in the automotive buying journey, not one medium is fully responsible for the sale...the dealer is the only one who can sell the vehicle.

There's a great analogy when explaining attribution...which beer got you drunk? The first, the last, the 6 in the middle? They all did!

The Facebook Offline Events report closes the loop on helping dealers understand that their ads are reaching and influencing buyers before they come in and purchase.