Ultimate Dealership Guide For Social Ads PDF [Editable Agency Sales Asset]

Inside of the “Ultimate Dealership Guide For Social Ads” PDF

Our brand-new PDF includes 12 pages that go over:

  • 5 social ad campaign ideas proven to drive results for dealerships
    • Best platforms for each campaign type (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest)
  • Messaging guidelines
  • Targeting
    • Audience ideas
    • Location Targeting
  • Recommended Ad Formats
  • Pro Tips & Recommendations  
    • Latest usage statistics / metrics (i.e,. monthly US users)
    • Ad examples and how ad units work
    • Average metrics and results
  • Ad creative examples and inspiration
  • BONUS: Free tool for dealers to analyze their market opportunity across top social ad platforms

Start Editing Now!

Start Editing Now!

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You can choose to keep the template as is OR you can totally customize it and make it your own!

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  • Add your agency’s logo
  • Change the copy
  • Choose new images, etc.

4. Download the template

Once you have finished editing the template to your liking, you're going to need to download it so that you can deliver it to dealers and use it as you wish!

To download the template:

  • Click Share in the upper right corner of the template
  • Make sure that your download settings are the following:
    • File type = PDF Standard
    • Select pages = All pages
  • And click the Download button!

5. Leverage the “Ultimate Dealership Guide For Social Ads” PDF!

The purpose of this template is to help YOUR organization generate new business, or provide your existing customer base with valuable information.

🌟 Pro tip: Host this guide on its own gated landing page (where information is required to access the resource) and run traffic or conversion campaigns driving to the page!