What is the difference between on-Facebook and off-Facebook Leads?

Leads can be tracked differently by Facebook based on where the lead occurs.

Types of Facebook Leads

1. On-Facebook Leads

Leads that are generated from a user on Facebook are considered an on-Facebook Lead. 

Examples of on-Facebook Leads are:

  • Lead Ad Submission on Facebook
  • Dynamic Lead Ad Submission on Facebook
  • Messenger Inquiry on Facebook
  • Phone Call Click on Facebook
  • Directions Click on Facebook

2. Off-Facebook Leads

Leads that are generated on an advertisers website, landing page, or site external to Facebook is considered an off-Facebook Lead. 

Examples of on-Facebook Leads are:

  • Lead capture form
  • Phone call click
  • Email address click
  • Widget interaction such as a user interacting with a website chat widget

3. Total Leads

When Facebook shows total Leads they include both on-Facebook and off-Facebook leads. These are not unique and a single user can be counted as multiple leads if they convert multiple ways.

4. Unique Leads

Unique Leads are only available for Lead Ads. If a user fills out 4 forms from the same advertiser, the Unique Lead count will be 1 and the total leads would be 4. 

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