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BuyerBridge Marketplace Management Tool Q & A


⚠️  Important:  Marketplace Tool Will Soon Be Removed ⚠️

Due to Facebook’s continued deprecation of Facebook Marketplace Posting on behalf of Dealership Pages, we will soon be removing the Facebook Marketplace Posting Tool from our platform on 10/1/22. Click here to learn more.

What type of Facebook Page Access is needed for a user to post inventory to a dealer’s Marketplace? 

Whoever is posting on Marketplace must be given Admin access to the dealer’s page and assigned publish permissions in order to publish listings for the dealer. 

The only way for someone to publish listings on a dealership’s page is from the “Manage Inventory” tab which will be visible to users who have been granted the correct permissions.

We are working with Facebook to determine what the process is for users who do not see the “Manage Inventory” tab - so stay tuned...

Do you recommend completing tasks one dealership at a time?

Our suggestion is to focus on tasks at an overall Reseller level to identify and tune your team’s workflow + isolate types of tasks (ex. “Delete” only) across all dealers.

Prioritize tasks that need to be executed on a more frequent basis, like “Delete,” to reduce the overall time spent publishing inventory.

How many listings can one user post without getting blocked? 

Currently, we have not seen or heard of any limitations regarding the number of listings one user can post without being “cut off.” This goes for the number of listings that can be posted in total or the number of listings that can be posted daily.

Do we have to manually unzip the zip file to access the images inside?

No, you do not. The zip file downloads onto your computer and when you open the downloaded file it automatically unzips. 

Do we have to upload images one by one from the zip file?

No, but you do have to download, extract, and upload the results of the zip file. 

When you are onboarding a new Dealer, is Feed Export the only option for extracting inventory?

We have two options for Account Setup during Dealer Onboarding - we offer Website Inventory and Feed Inventory, and support around 150 Feed Providers. 

Do we have to use the copy and paste method for each car in inventory?

Unfortunately, yes. We understand that this is a big task - our tool was built to make that process as easy as possible with the copy and pasting method.

REMINDER:  Our team is hard at work designing a tool that will automate the process. 

How much will the Marketplace Management Tool increase our cost/monthly fee? What will pricing for the upcoming Automated Tool be? 

If you have any questions about pricing, reach out to your Partner Experience Manager/ Partner Manager or email support@buyerbridge.io.

Will I be able to use the Marketplace Management Tool if I'm using the website scraping feature?

We are going to support all Feed Providers, including Website Inventory. Just keep in mind that the values pulled will reflect those that are on the website.  

Does this change anything with the Chatbots that are already set up?

Chatbots should not be disrupted by this change - whether you are utilizing the BuyerBridge Chatbot or a Chabot from another provider, it should continue to function.

Does anything change with Call Tracking for Marketplace listings?

Yes, we are no longer able to put call tracking numbers into Marketplace listings for tracking purposes. 

Note: If you’re using call tracking for both our Marketplace and AIA products, the AIA Call Tracking function will continue to work.

Since we are unable to add a phone number specific to Marketplace, there is no way to differentiate whether those calls were coming from the Marketplace listing or paid advertising efforts. 

Will we be able to post vehicle listings for multiple dealer accounts on Marketplace? 

Our team is still working on figuring this out. Right now, our understanding is that Facebook will not stop you from doing that. They have not yet indicated that there are any set limitations for listing on multiple pages, but this has not yet been confirmed.

What is the purpose of the Marketplace Management Tool at the Reseller level?

The purpose of the Marketplace Management Tool at the Reseller level is to provide agencies with visibility into their clients’ Marketplace Tasks at a macro level. Every time a task is completed the “Total Tasks” data will refresh and update dynamically - making it simple for users to identify their overall progress.    

Are we losing the ability to have Marketplace reporting through the BuyerBridge dashboard?

Yes, BuyerBridge will no longer have Marketplace reporting in our dashboard. (Don’t worry, we will continue to report on Ads!)  

Facebook does report in their performance dashboard on some high-level metrics like impressions, but they do not provide any aggregate stats.