How To Import Missing Facebook Leads Into BuyerBridge

If you ever see that your client has leads in Facebook Ads Manager that are not reflected in BuyerBridge, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to troubleshoot leads that are missing in BuyerBridge, retrieve those leads, and import them to BuyerBridge.

Step 1: Retrieve Your Client’s Missing Leads From Facebook

Ready to start resolving this issue? The first thing you need to do is retrieve the Facebook leads that are missing for your client in BuyerBridge.

  • From the left navigation menu, click Business Settings > drop-down Accounts > select Pages > locate and select your client’s Facebook Page.

>>This will automatically display the “People” who have access to the specific client’s Facebook Page

  • Under “People,” enter the ID or name of the person who will be retrieving the client’s leads in the “Search by ID or name” field.

Use the drop-down arrow to the right of the correct name to view their current permissions for the client’s Page > make sure that “Manage Page” is toggled ON

If “Manage Page” is NOT toggled on for that specific person: use our article “How to Enable & Customize Facebook's Leads Access Manager” to give them the correct permissions.

  • Next, you will switch over to your client's ad account > select the Lead Generation Campaign that you want to retrieve leads from > select the specific Ad Set > click the Ads tab.
  • Under the Results column at the Ad-level, click “On-Facebook Leads” 

  • Click “Download” from the “Download leads” pop-up that is displayed.

Note: The example above is what you will see if you have the correct access level. If you do not see something similar to the below when attempting this step you will need to go back and check your access level.

Next, you’ll be presented with the option to download the file in CSV or XLS format.

  • Click “CSV” to automatically download the file in the format required for BuyerBridge retrieval

Once the file is downloaded, you can open the file to view the leads that have been acquired for that specific ad. 

Step 2: Add Your Client’s Retrieved Facebook Leads To BuyerBridge

Once you have retrieved your client’s Facebook leads that are missing in BuyerBridge, it’s time to get those leads added to the BuyerBridge dash so we can send them to your lead destination.

  • First, go to the BuyerBridge app and login
    • Non-Whitelabel partners:
    • Whitelabel partners: use your custom whitelabel app link
  • From the left navigation menu, locate “Leads” > click “Create Lead” in the upper right to add your lead(s)

  • Use the “Create Manual Lead” slide-out panel displayed to input the lead(s) information from the file that you just downloaded

You will have the option to “Search Vehicle” or “Manually Enter Vehicle,” but in most instances, you will select “Manually Enter Vehicle,” since the majority of leads collected have vehicle information attached. 

If you do not have vehicle information and can not use the search vehicle option you can contact for assistance.

  • To “Manually Enter Vehicle” information: Enter all of the information that is provided in the downloaded lead(s) > scroll to the bottom of the panel and hit the “Create Lead” button.

Now that you have entered the lead information into BuyerBridge the lead will be present and no longer missing. Issue = RESOLVED!

  • Lastly, you should double-check that your leads were successfully imported into the BuyerBridge platform from the “Leads” tab!

💡Pro Tip: For this article, the example we used only had 3 leads to input…but on other occasions, an ad can have 20+ leads - which would make manually entering them very time-consuming.

In a scenario like this, you should be able to reach the client’s CRM provider and give them the CSV that was downloaded in the above steps. From there, the CRM provider will then input the leads through their system.

Why Did We Go Over This Issue And Resolution With You?

The scenario that we covered is to help retrieve and input leads, only when the integration between Facebook and BuyerBridge is not working correctly

If you have not yet enabled Facebook Leads Access Manager or want to customize your current permissions, use this guide: “How to Enable & Customize Facebook's Leads Access Manager”  

As you go through the process of retrieving and inputting leads from Facebook to BuyerBridge, feel free to reach out to your Partner Experience Manager or contact BuyerBridge Support via email if you have any complications: