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How To Manage Facebook User Token Permissions

When your agency onboards BuyerBridge, a “token” is created that is critical for API requests. 

During agency onboarding, agencies are prompted to authorize our Pixel, the BuyerConnector, proper permissions to your agency’s Business Manager. 

We do offer agencies the ability to limit the amount of access they provide to BuyerConnector... BUT, limiting these permissions can negatively impact the performance of your client’s campaigns, PLUS result in issues during net-new client onboardings.

🔑 RECOMMENDATION: To avoid any issues including those mentioned above, we STRONGLY advise that your agency grants the BuyerConnector ALL permissions.

How to Give BuyerConnector Additional Permissions

Use this step-by-step guide to find out how to give the BuyerConnector app additional permissions that were not previously granted:  

👀 FYI: These steps will only need to be done if you did not grant full permissions during your original agency onboarding.

IMPORTANT: If you need to change your agency’s Facebook Connection User Permissions, you will be required to login into Facebook and manually add additional permissions for the BuyerConnector app for that specific page. 

Step 1:  Log into Facebook

  • Go to facebook.com and make sure you’re signed into the Facebook account used to onboard your agency to BuyerBridge AND is also the Facebook Connection User.

Check your agencies Facebook Connection User here: https://app.buyerbridge.io/resellers/settings 

If the existing Facebook Connection User Token is inaccurate/needs to be updated, READ: Changing The Facebook Connection User For Your Agency

Step 2: Navigate to the Facebook Page's Settings

  • In the upper right-hand corner, click the arrow icon > Settings & Privacy > Settings.

Step 3: Locate Business Integrations

  • Using the navigation menu on the left, click Business Integrations

"Business Integrations" are apps and services that you've used Facebook to log into, which will include our BuyerConnector app used during agency onboarding.

TIP: Users can also click here to drop directly into Facebook where your Business Integration Apps will display.

Step 4: Edit Permissions of the BuyerConnector App

  • Find the BuyerConnector app (located under the “Active” tab within the Business Integrations screen) > click “View and edit.”
  • In the pop-up dialog, click “Show a list of the Pages you manage” > select the client’s Page you want to grant BuyerConnector app access to.
  • Once you have selected the correct page, you can edit the permissions being given to the BuyerConnector app for your client’s specific page. 

👀 RECOMMENDATION: Grant ALL permissions to the BuyerConnector in order to allow BuyerBridge to retrieve data, communicate with Facebook and make your clients’ advertisements more powerful. 

For further instructions on how to edit permissions for the BuyerConnector, you can reach out to your partner experience manager OR contact BuyerBridge Support via email: support@buyerbridge.io