Monthly Update - August 2023

Our team is currently hard at work, focusing their efforts on multiple large projects that require their complete attention.

Check out the “Coming Soon” section below for a look at some of the exciting releases you have to look forward to:

🚀  Coming Soon

  • Inventory Ads Launcher

    Get ready to take the reins with the Inventory Ads Launcher – your all-access pass to ruling your omnichannel AIA ads. No more playbook maze-running to find the perfect fit. This slick new tool is your personal GPS, walking you through, step by step, to pick the best inventory ads for your client.

    But that's not all – we're throwing in some new tricks! Brace yourself for AI-powered copywriting, ultimate segmentation control, customizable lead forms, Facebook messenger backup, and a bunch more goodies coming your way. It's like getting a turbo boost for your ad game! 🚀

  • Facebook Page Flow

    We're in the process of designing landing pages tailored for a fresh Facebook catalog. This allows your client to receive full recognition each time a user interacts with their ad by clicking on it. Instead of directing users to the client's website, they will be directed to our custom landing page. This setup enables the ability to take full ownership of actions such as lead submissions, as the exclusive access point to this page is through the advertisement itself.

🔍 In Case You Missed It

  • 2 Videos To Help Maximize BuyerBridge

    • Here’s a recording of one of our favorite Partner Meetups, where we explore our top BuyerBridge features.

       🎥 [WATCH NOW] 6 Ways To Optimize BuyerBridge

    • Our Product Expert, Rachel walks through how to successfully use the BuyerBridge dashboard.

       🎥 [WATCH NOW] 5 Minute Introduction To BuyerBridge

  • New Way To Complete Organization Invites

    Users will no longer need to go through Facebook to complete Organization Invite.
    • This new option will be on by default but if you turn it off when the user creates their Organization, they just have to create a BuyerBridge user + change their Organization name if they want to.
  • Channel Settings Panel

    Our BuyerBridge team is always working to simplify Social Ads management with our dashboard. Now with the inception of the Channel Settings Panel, navigating the critical connection points across various social media platforms has never been more efficient.

    This tool allows you to effortlessly access essential functionalities for effectively managing assets, ensuring smooth collaboration, and optimizing campaign performance.

    Learn more here.

  • Pinterest Ads Now Available

    We have updated all the BuyerBridge Ads that are in the Ads Library to now include Pinterest as a channel for Ads.
    • Ads for Pinterest are able to be created using the Ad Builder as well.

🔧 Bug, Fixes, and Improvements

    • Resolved an issue with the Agency TikTok Budgeting report.
      • The root cause of this was the new TikTok Shopping Campaigns that use a dynamic budget field instead of their typical budget field. Their new dynamic budget tries to balance out the spend between days so I would make sure to check this report and let us know if there are any issues with the dynamic budgets that this new campaign uses.
    • We have removed sending a custom field, that indicates phone calls or text messages, to Facebook in our Twilio leads.
      • This field was causing some accounts' offline event sets to get into Facebook's new Core Setup distinction.
      • This change should not affect any functionality that we use for offline event sets. We wanted to remove this to proactively avoid causing any potential unknown issues with Facebook's introduction of this new Core Setup distinction.
    • We have removed the messaging that we have in the Dashboard when deploying a playbook and in the Manage playbook page around changing the optimization goal if the domain is not verified.
      • FB has removed the requirement to have a domain verified to use the optimization goal that was causing issues so changing it during deployment is no longer needed so we wanted to remove this messaging to not confuse our users.
    • Resolved an issue where the Pinterest previews in Campaign Management were not displaying properly.
    • Resolved an issue where the spend was incorrectly showing on the Vehicle Advertising report.
    • Fixed a bug where if metrics were filtered to specific a campaign(s), it would keep that selection when changing accounts.