How To Create Your BuyerBridge Account

We’re glad you’re here, now let’s get you onboarded…

Keep your eye out for an email from your BuyerBridge Partner Manager as they will be sending an Invite Link to your email.

Your Invite Link will be unique to your organization, but here’s an example of what it will look like:

Without this Invite Link, you will be unable to onboard BuyerBridge. If you do not receive an Invite Link, reach out to your Partner Manager. 

Verifying Your Account

Once you receive your Invite Link: 

1. Click on the Invite Link from your email

2. Click Connect your Business Manager

This will allow you to authenticate your Facebook login if you are not logged in by entering the 2-factor code that was sent to you.

If you are already logged into the correct Facebook profile associated with your Business Manager, you will be directed to your profile where it says the BuyerConnector app is requesting access to your Facebook profile

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are logged into the correct Facebook profile which your Business Manager is associated with! If you do NOT already have a Facebook Business Manager setup, you will be required to create one and can use our step-by-step article to guide you through the process: How To Create A Facebook (Meta) Business Manager

3. Click Continue as your Facebook Profile name

This will direct you to another prompt in which BuyerConnector is requesting access to your organization’s Business Manager assets. 

You are required to accept this request so that the BuyerBridge app can connect your account to your organization’s Business Manager.

4. Click Continue

You will be redirected back to the BuyerBridge platform, where it will ask you to select your Organization’s Business Manager. 

Reminder: This is why being logged into the correct Facebook profile is important - BuyerBridge will only display the Business Manager accounts that are associated with your Facebook Profile. 

5. Select the Business Manager that BuyerBridge will be connecting to

NEED HELP?  If you don’t see your organization’s Business Manager, you likely weren’t logged into the correct Facebook profile. Revisit your Invite Link to try again. 

After selecting your Business Manager, it’s time to Create a BuyerBridge Login. This is the profile that you will use to log into the BuyerBridge dashboard going forward.

Create A BuyerBridge Login

1. Enter your Full Name, Email, and Password

Note: Full Name is auto-populated and you can make changes if needed. The Email is pre-populated and must be the same email you use for Facebook (associated with your Facebook Business Manager). Create your New Password (at least 6 characters).

2. Click Let’s Go!

This will create your profile and direct you to your onboarding page.

Next Steps:

1. Prep For Your Onboarding Call

Once you have created an account it will be time for the Onboarding Call. To prepare please read: What To Expect On Your Onboarding Call!

2. Onboard Client Accounts
After you have created your account and had your Onboarding Call, you can begin onboarding your client accounts. Read: How To Onboard Client Accounts On Any Channel


If you have any further questions or are having issues please do not hesitate to reach out to