Welcome To BuyerBridge!

Let’s Get Started…

This is the start of your journey with BuyerBridge and the first article to help guide you seamlessly through account and organization onboarding. 

We’ve provided you with all the tools and tips for easy, breezy onboarding, and you will always have our knowledge base + your Welcome To BuyerBridge email if you’re ever stuck!

Reminder: The subject of the email is “Welcome to BuyerBridge! Next steps:”

Our team has worked hard to make following along with the onboarding processes simple and easy to understand! 

Ready To Onboard?

Step 1: Create Your BuyerBridge Account

When you sign-up with BuyerBridge you will be guided to create a BuyerBridge account.  In order to do this, you will need to make sure that you have first received your Welcome Email. Your Welcome Email will contain important information needed to create an account.

To create an account you will need to:

  • Verify Your Account
  • Create A BuyerBridge Login

For the complete walkthrough, check out: How To Create Your BuyerBridge Account!

Step 2: Prepare For Your Onboarding Call

Once you have created an account it will be time for the Onboarding Call!

During a Zoom screen share, your BuyerBridge Implementation Engineer will:

  • Ensure your Organization is setup properly
  • Show you how to easily onboard Client Accounts in BuyerBridge, beginning with Facebook (Meta)
  • Review recommendations and best practices to fully optimize your BuyerBridge experience

To prepare, please read: What To Expect On Your Onboarding Call!

Step 3: Onboard Your Client Accounts

Great job! Now you can onboard your client accounts to BuyerBridge. 

To begin onboarding your client accounts, read: How To Onboard Client Accounts On Any Channel


If you have any further questions about the process, please do not hesitate to reach out to support@buyerbridge.com.