How To Onboard Client Accounts On Any Channel

Your organization has the ability to onboard clients to any of the platforms currently available in BuyerBridge - which as of now includes: Facebook & Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and TikTok! 

Step 1: Business Account Setup [Channel-Specific]

Creating Assets on Each Social Channel

To begin the Account Setup within BuyerBridge, you will need to complete the channel Onboarding via the platform. 

Find the step-by-step guide for channel-specific account creation below:

(Important: This must be completed before moving forward in the onboarding process!)

Once you have walked through and completed the steps documented in the above guide(s), you will now be able to enroll your client in their new channel(s) from the BuyerBridge platform.

First, you will need to complete “Omnichannel Authentication” for any new channel(s). 

(BuyerBridge only requires that your organization sets up the Connection User 1x/channel)

In order to do this, you will need to:

  • Log in to an existing account within the channel

What is Omnichannel Authentication?

When your organization onboards a new channel for a client (for the FIRST TIME only!) they will be required to “Authenticate And Setup” a Connection User. 

Setting up a new Connection User is necessary in order to deploy playbooks, retrieve metrics, and complete other tasks for dealers. 

To learn more about this process, read: [Omnichannel Onboarding] Omnichannel Authentication: Connection User.

Step 2: BuyerBridge Account Setup (New Clients)

After you have completed the Omnichannel Authentication process, return to the BuyerBridge Dashboard. 

Once you are inside of the dash, locate the left-hand navigation menu and select Onboarding > Add Account. This will initiate Onboarding for a new client.

Next, select the associated business from the drop-down menu or enter the business details manually if you are unable to find the business you are looking for.

Then, select the platform your client wants to onboard> click Setup and follow the steps displayed. In the example below, we will Onboard Snapchat…

After selecting Setup, it’s time to choose the product package that you would like to add.

Next, provide the information required for onboarding:

Inventory Type

Heads up! This is only available for Advertising and AdvertisingPLUS product packages, which are specific to clients within the automotive vertical. If you are on AdvertisingLITE, you can skip these steps.

This is where you will choose how you would like the inventory to be sent to the BuyerBridge platform. You can select either Use Website Inventory or Use Feed Inventory.

Note: Best Practice is to choose Feed Inventory

  • Feed Inventory: Choose the inventory feed provider that will be providing the inventory to the BuyerBridge Platform. After entering the information, you must click Validate Id before continuing on to the next step.

  • Inventory Status: Here you will the setup inventory! It can take some time for us to process everything so it's usable for advertising so feel free to continue with the process but just keep in mind that processing must be completed to finish onboarding.

Event Flow

To enable the BuyerBridge pixel which provides the ability to track events, enable call tracking + build retargeting audience(s), you’ll need to work with your client’s website provider to have the code below installed on their website.

Finalizing Onboarding

Once you have successfully completed the above steps, before you can finalize onboarding, you will need to connect the channel assets (i.e. Ad Account Id, Pixel Id, and Catalog Id) to the BuyerBridge platform.

Drop down and select the correct assets for each dependency (Ad Account, Pixel, Catalog). 

Following the asset connection, click Continue and Review to ensure accuracy!. If everything is correct click Complete Onboarding

👀 Important: The Connect Assets screen will slightly vary depending on the platform your client is onboarding.

As you navigate through the Omnichannel Onboarding process for you or your clients and still have questions you can reach out to your partner experience manager or contact BuyerBridge Support via email: