Monthly Updates - February 2022

🎉  New Product Features

  • 17 Additional Playbooks

    To make sure that your business always has a Playbook that meets your clients’ advertising needs, our team has developed over a dozen new Playbooks! The following Playbooks are now accessible from our Playbook Library:

    • 9 Top Model Line Playbooks
    • 4 OEM-Specific Playbooks (Branding/Service)
    • 2 Pre-Order Playbooks (Toyota + Subaru)
    • 2 Custom-Order Playbooks (CDJR + Ford)

Want to dive into our most recent + pre-existing Playbooks? Read: “​​Inside Of The BuyerBridge Playbook Library

  • 2 Editable Agency Sales Assets: Facebook & Instagram Organic Guides

    We want to help your business generate more leads + provide dealerships with a way to build a strong Facebook & Instagram organic strategy that complements their paid… which is why we created 2 new guides for you to customize and start leveraging ASAP!

🚀  Coming Soon

  • Whitelabeled: MarketAnalyzer Tool

    The BuyerBridge team is working at making the MarketAnalyzer Tool whitelabelable, which means your business will be able to customize the tool with your logo, font, + brand colors, then use it as your own!


🔎 In Case You Missed It 🔍

  • BuyerBridge Partner Assets Portal

    Have you checked out our BuyerBridge Partner Assets Portal yet? If not, there are a ton of animations + images featured on our website and waiting to be taken advantage of! 

    Go inside of the portal and find out how your business can use the assets now: “BuyerBridge Partner Assets Portal”

🔧 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • We deployed the following bug fixes and enhancements to the MarketAnalyzer:
    • If a user is having trouble finding their dealer by the name, we are now showing a text box at the bottom of the search results asking them to input the domain instead
    • Age and Gender are now available to be used as customizable metrics for all the channels
    • Share and Save have now been combined into a single button named Share with a dropdown containing two options
    • A user can select "Share base report" which will share the report without any modifications that a user made
    • A user can select "Share with customization" which will share the report with the modifications that a user made to any channel
    • Corrected the formats of the printable reports
    • Fixed the “X” button on the "Search for your business" input box to not require the user to click it multiple times when attempting to clear out the data that has been input
    • Fixed an issue with the Models graph not correctly rendering for dealers
  • The Agency Advertising reports for Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest Advertising have been released in the BuyerBridge dashboard. This report will give you visibility to all accounts for an agency at a high level so ad performance can be tracked.
    • The reports can be found under the Reseller Reports section of the navigation menu
    • When navigating to this page you will need to first select a date range to run the report
    • Once a date range is selected users will be able to view the following metrics for the accounts that are live on the channel that the report was run for:
    • The report will also display which accounts did not have any metrics returned from the platform for the date range provided
    • Users will now have the ability to download a copy of this report