Monthly Update - April 2023

🎉  New Product Features

  • Deployment Presets

    BuyerBridge users now has the ability to select a preset (profile) or a custom deployment structure during New, Custom and Existing Campaign launches.

Learn more about the different Deployment Flows.

  • Configure Media Styles & Adv+ Creative

    While using the Ad Builder, you can choose to allow the platform to automatically control Media Styles for your creative. Meta Advantage+ Creative Standard Enhancements will automatically create variations of your ad with different media enhancements and color combinations to show to each person for what they are most likely to respond to. This will help to tailor the ad for the person viewing it which can help improve performance.

Check out the updated How To Use The BuyerBridge Ad Builder article to find out more!

  • Pinterest Onboarding is LIVE

    BuyerBridge users can now fully onboard Pinterest through their dashboard.

    Need help? Check out the Pinterest Onboarding article.
  • Campaign Management features Pinterest!

    Campaign Management now supports Meta, Snapchat, TikTok & PINTEREST

    The BuyerBridge Campaign Management tool provides you with a central location to manage all of your client’s Campaigns, from the Campaign-level down to the Ads-level.

    Read: How To Use The Campaign Management Tool to learn more.

  • 7 New + Updated Playbooks

     Awesome new Playbooks were released in April:
    • Generic Service (2023) (Preview)
    • BMW Service (Preview)
    • 5 New Model Line Playbooks, including:
      • 2023 Mitsubishi RVR (Canada market)
      • 2023 Nissan Sentra
      • 2023 Renegade
      • 2023 Grand Wagoneer
      • 2023 Mirage 

🚀  Coming Soon

  • Geo-Targeting Update
    With this new update your location will be pre-populated for each channel within the Ad Launcher tool, with the ability to:
    • Edit the radius around that location.
    • Users can customize the targeting location by dropping a pin or entering in an address.

  • May Partner Meetup

    Be sure to register for our May Partner Webinar, Thursday, May 25th, at 1 pm EST, where we'll showcase exciting new features, upcoming releases & more!

Register here

🔍 In Case You Missed It

  • Deploy, Preview, Edit & Duplicate Ads

    All users have the ability to Edit and Duplicate Ads from the Ads Tab of your Ads Library.

🔧 Bug, Fixes, and Improvements

  • You can access each platform’s Ads Manager via Campaign Management.
  • When creating multiple Ads via uploading your own media or selecting assets to create Ads, the first Ad will now be selected by default instead of the last.
  • The design on Step 2 of the Ad Launcher has been updated to simplify the experience.
    • By default, one landing page URL will be visible and this will be the URL that is applied to all your Ads and channels.
      • There is a toggle on this step where you can customize by channel.
      • Another toggle allows you to specify if a different landing page is wanted for each Ad that you are deploying.
      • The two toggles can be combined to customize each Ad's channel landing page.
      • An edit button has also been added below each Ad that opens Advanced Edit providing the ability to make edits before the Ad before it is deployed.
  • The search bar on the Playbook page has been enhanced to help with better matching results.
    • For example: if you search "2023 F-150" now in the Playbooks tab of Ads Library you can see results as previously it was trying to do an exact match. Now you see the 2023 F-150 Playbook as the first result, the 2022 playbook as the second results and also the 2022 Ford Lighting Playbook as it has F-150 in the description.
    • It is now searching the description of the Playbooks to help users find relevant Playbooks so if a user is searching for Pinterest and that is mentioned in the description of the Playbook, it will find that Playbook.
  • RVs, motorcycles, and boats are now supported on Microsoft Marketplace and Microsoft Marketplace Premium exports.