Monthly Updates - January 2022

🎉  New Product Features

  • Omnichannel Advertising is LIVE in BuyerBridge!

    Agencies can now onboard dealers to new advertising channels in BuyerBridge,  like Snapchat, Pinterest, & TikTok! But in order to do so, a Connection User has to be set up for each new platform you're onboarding dealers to.

    To learn more about this process, read: [Omnichannel Onboarding] First Step: Omnichannel Authentication.

For all things Omnichannel Advertising in BuyerBridge, click here

  • 13 Brand-New Playbooks

    Additional Playbooks ensure your agency has the ability to provide clients with fresh and new options for advertising - which is why our team is continuously creating new ones! The following Playbooks we’re recently launched and are fully ready-to-deploy: 

Click here to dive into the new and existing Playbooks inside of our Playbook Library. 

🚀  Coming Soon

  • Facebook Vehicle Advertising Report Enhancements

    We're making changes to the Facebook Vehicle Advertising Report! These changes are intended to provide additional details via a new Vehicle Advertising and Vehicle Details panel.

    You can check out what's going to be included in the new Facebook Vehicle Advertising Report here - Coming Soon: Facebook Vehicle Advertising Report Enhancements.


  • 🔎 In Case You Missed It: 2021 Recap 🔍

    Take a trip back through 2021, and everything that happened for BuyerBridge in our Annual Recap: BuyerBridge 2021 Annual Recap.

🔧 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • For all onboarding flows, the “Setup” button will now be “Authenticate and Setup” (if authentication is necessary for that platform or has yet been completed).
    • If it has been completed, the button will just say “Setup.”
  • The following Facebook links on the Channel Settings panel were updated to ensure a successful redirect: 
    • Page Form Link
    • Page Inbox
    • Custom Conversions
  • The “View on Facebook” button has been removed due to Facebook no longer supporting this action!
  • The dealer Timezone will now be correctly displayed on the Dealer Settings page.
  • There is an image download button now available on every Marketplace Task so that users will be able to always download the inventory images.
  • On the Global Dashboard, Cost per Click will no longer be reported as Cost per Lead.
  • Our MarketAnalyzer Tool is now able to pull Snapchat data for Canadian Dealers!
  • The Facebook link for Campaigns on the Facebook Advertising Report is now accurate.